Salad Smoked Salmon

A special party recipe. Which, apart from bringing products "Prom", is intended to give no nothing working: almost everything is "from above", and can be made ahead of time without damage. Even the sauce is boat, although retouched to give another grace.

But... the important thing is that it is rich, and fixed that you will like it and your guests. You'll see how nice stay!

For 4 servings

Difficulty: easy
T. preparation: 15 minutes.


1 bag of salad shoots
200 gr. of elvers (surimi)
100 gr of smoked salmon.
1 small Apple
8 walnuts
1 pot of yoghurt (Florette) sauce
Virgin olive oil
Orange juice

Note: Although we give quantities for 4, leaving a perfect things sharing as you can buy, we have made half to 2, so the pictures show only half of almost everything.


As I have said, all the products that we use come almost ready, just will be cut some. In particular we have used a smoked salmon we had packed and frozen (seems to lie as well preserved packaging under vacuum!), a package of "La Gula del Norte" (for us best this style surimi), a bag (small, ration, any larger) salad of shoots (although it can be salad that we like(, or which find), a few shelled pistachios, an Apple (unused us average) and half bottle of yogurt sauce (marks Florette, found in the area of the super salads). Or: easiest thing impossible.

We will prepare our taste ingredients, troceando salmon smoked, peeling and troceando the Apple into cubes, and not very fine chopping nuts.

On the other hand we prepare the sauce with all the little boat (175 ml), for 4 servings of yogurt sauce, and since it is quite acidic soften it with two tablespoons of mild olive oil and 1 tablespoon orange juice. We can a little more flavoured it with a few touches of a color pepper grinder.

Out to the table we can mount a source with any salad, and distribute it on the table, or prepare individual dishes.

The Assembly has no mystery: make a bed of lettuce or more shoots, then we deal over our taste the baby eels, smoked salmon, Apple dice and finally the walnuts.

Be a while in the fridge, the same without sauce than with her (though in this case not too tight so that the lettuce to not spoil), and serve fresh when it is needed.