White Bean Salad


1. the head of the nosecone cooked as boiled
gr. 500 white beans boiled in water sponge unsalted, with carrot, onion, celery and Sage
gr. 100 tuna in oil
3 hard-boiled egg yolks
4 salted anchovies
a pinch of salted capers
parsley, oil, salt, pepper and lemon juice


Put in the mixer clean anchovies and disliscate desalted, capers, tuna, egg yolks and parsley reducing everything to a smooth paste. Add oil and lemon juice just enough to get a bath well tied and sourish, just add salt and pepper.

Cut the slices warm head no bigger than a quail egg, and serve immediately with the sauce. Finally, drain the beans and add them to the salad.

Keep the salad in a warm place for at least 30 minutes.

When serving drizzle it with fresh lemon juice.

Romantic Salads Recipes


80 g Pearl barley
80 g spelt
1 pack of canned chickpeas
cherry tomatoes
oil ages


Boil orzo and farro in plenty of hot water for 15-18 minutes. When cooked, drain them and pass them under cold water to stop the cooking and cool. Place it in a bowl and leave aside. Drain and rinse the chickpeas by soaking liquid, chop the tomatoes and Arugula. Join before the chickpeas and tomatoes with barley and Emmer wheat, to last the arugula. Pour 2 laps of evo oil, add salt and mix. Serve cold.

This is another quick recipe, those that don't like me. She was born around the time that my parents didn't want me my current boyfriend, so we were forced to romantic getaways and good vegan, we were inventing new simple salads that require preparation time short enough to be able to bring in our secret trips! This that I share with you is one of those, and that's why "romantic salad"!

Salad Smoked Salmon

A special party recipe. Which, apart from bringing products "Prom", is intended to give no nothing working: almost everything is "from above", and can be made ahead of time without damage. Even the sauce is boat, although retouched to give another grace.

But... the important thing is that it is rich, and fixed that you will like it and your guests. You'll see how nice stay!

For 4 servings

Difficulty: easy
T. preparation: 15 minutes.


1 bag of salad shoots
200 gr. of elvers (surimi)
100 gr of smoked salmon.
1 small Apple
8 walnuts
1 pot of yoghurt (Florette) sauce
Virgin olive oil
Orange juice

Note: Although we give quantities for 4, leaving a perfect things sharing as you can buy, we have made half to 2, so the pictures show only half of almost everything.


As I have said, all the products that we use come almost ready, just will be cut some. In particular we have used a smoked salmon we had packed and frozen (seems to lie as well preserved packaging under vacuum!), a package of "La Gula del Norte" (for us best this style surimi), a bag (small, ration, any larger) salad of shoots (although it can be salad that we like(, or which find), a few shelled pistachios, an Apple (unused us average) and half bottle of yogurt sauce (marks Florette, found in the area of the super salads). Or: easiest thing impossible.

We will prepare our taste ingredients, troceando salmon smoked, peeling and troceando the Apple into cubes, and not very fine chopping nuts.

On the other hand we prepare the sauce with all the little boat (175 ml), for 4 servings of yogurt sauce, and since it is quite acidic soften it with two tablespoons of mild olive oil and 1 tablespoon orange juice. We can a little more flavoured it with a few touches of a color pepper grinder.

Out to the table we can mount a source with any salad, and distribute it on the table, or prepare individual dishes.

The Assembly has no mystery: make a bed of lettuce or more shoots, then we deal over our taste the baby eels, smoked salmon, Apple dice and finally the walnuts.

Be a while in the fridge, the same without sauce than with her (though in this case not too tight so that the lettuce to not spoil), and serve fresh when it is needed.

Chicken and Melon Salad Recipe

The chicken is very versatile and is widely used in all kinds of diets, since their meat is very lean, or with very little content of fat, especially the breast. But you have to be careful with the skin. It has too much fat and cholesterol content.

You share now and continuing with the series of recipes for diabetics and more precisely the category of salads, especially a rich

Chicken and melon salad


2 Garlic minced shallots
quarter Cup of low-fat natural yogurt of preference
1 teaspoon grated lemon peel
1 teaspoon of curry powder
1/8 teaspoon sweetener
2 tablespoons natural valence orange juice
1 teaspoon of juice of lemon fresquesito
1 cup Chinese melon balls
1 cup of green melon balls
Half kilogram of chicken breast cooked and cubed
8 leaves of lettuce Endive or other variety
1 tablespoon of threaded and toasted almonds

Chinese Melon is very well known in Mexico, I don't know if where you are so popular or maybe call it otherwise. But as there are different varieties and in the recipe I use two Chinese and the green. You can use varieties that are available in your area.

The lettuce is the same situation, there are different varieties, in the recipe I recommend lettuce Endive but you can use which you have available to you or that is to your liking.

Well, let's continue with the elaboration that as it happens with all the salads, once you have all the ingredients it is very easy and fast

California Salad Recipe

How to prepare California salad recipe:

Cut the lettuce into large cubes, slices the cucumber and cut the tomatoes into slices, onion we tools and start the chili in boxes. In a bowl, put the lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, onion and chili pepper, all mix with white vinegar, olive oil and salt. To the mixture, add the toasted bread and bathe it with grated cheese.

California salad recipe ingredients:

3 Tomatoes.
3 Tablespoons olive oil.
2 Big lettuces.
2 Onions.
1 Red pepper.
1 Sliced cucumber.
1 Tablespoon white vinegar.
Toast fried and diced.
Salt and Parmesan cheese to taste.

Mushrooms in Tuna Salad

Difficulty: easy | 30 minutes [active: 30 minutes]

Ingredients 4 people

1 bowl of salad leaves varied • 100 g of raw almonds 150 g of dried salted 250 g of mushrooms • • • 6 v.e. • olive oil cs 2 cs • sherry vinegar 1 pinch of salt
[a person]
1 cup mixed salad leaves • 25 g of raw almonds • 35 g of dried salted tuna 65 g of mushrooms • • v.e. • 1/2 olive oil 1.5 cs cs sherry vinegar • 1 pinch salt


Wash and dry the salad leaves
Put on the heat a skillet with a few drops of oil and almonds. When start to heat, lower the heat to medium, and monitor stirring constantly until they are toasted. Book them.
Add a couple of tablespoons of oil to the skillet and heat. Add the mushrooms and saute over high heat until they begin to Brown. Also book them.
Cut the dried salted tuna into thin slices.

Add the vinegar to the pan to rescue the juices from the sauteed. Mix it with the rest of the oil and dress the salad leaves with this. Add the mushrooms, almonds and the mojama and serve.

Cold Pasta Salad Recipes

Cold pasta salad, mozzarella and cherry

The pasta can also be used to perform certain salads like this in which you can use different types of pasta such as the bows, the fuchili, twist, spiral or other type of pasta you can think of, is very easy to do and cam few ingredients. Salad cold pasta, mozzarella and cherry can be consumed also tepid, in this case the cheese will begin to melt.

Ingredients for the salad cold pasta, mozzarella and cherry:

-400 Grams of pasta chosen.

-Basil leaves.

-200 Grams of cheese per salut.

-200 Grams of mozzarella.

-Salt and pepper.

-400 Grams of cherry tomatoes.

Olive oil-c / n.

Preparing for cold pasta salad, mozzarella and cherry:

-Put in plenty of salted water cook the pasta of choice.

-Strain and season it with olive oil to prevent sticking.

-Cut the mozzarella cheese and diced.

-Wash the cherry tomatoes, dried and cut in half.

-Add all to large bowl, season with salt and pepper oil eliva.

Finally, with the fingers cut in pieces basil small and spread over the Cold Pasta Salad with mozzarella and cherry.