Chicken and Melon Salad Recipe

The chicken is very versatile and is widely used in all kinds of diets, since their meat is very lean, or with very little content of fat, especially the breast. But you have to be careful with the skin. It has too much fat and cholesterol content.

You share now and continuing with the series of recipes for diabetics and more precisely the category of salads, especially a rich

Chicken and melon salad


2 Garlic minced shallots
quarter Cup of low-fat natural yogurt of preference
1 teaspoon grated lemon peel
1 teaspoon of curry powder
1/8 teaspoon sweetener
2 tablespoons natural valence orange juice
1 teaspoon of juice of lemon fresquesito
1 cup Chinese melon balls
1 cup of green melon balls
Half kilogram of chicken breast cooked and cubed
8 leaves of lettuce Endive or other variety
1 tablespoon of threaded and toasted almonds

Chinese Melon is very well known in Mexico, I don't know if where you are so popular or maybe call it otherwise. But as there are different varieties and in the recipe I use two Chinese and the green. You can use varieties that are available in your area.

The lettuce is the same situation, there are different varieties, in the recipe I recommend lettuce Endive but you can use which you have available to you or that is to your liking.

Well, let's continue with the elaboration that as it happens with all the salads, once you have all the ingredients it is very easy and fast