Romantic Salads Recipes


80 g Pearl barley
80 g spelt
1 pack of canned chickpeas
cherry tomatoes
oil ages


Boil orzo and farro in plenty of hot water for 15-18 minutes. When cooked, drain them and pass them under cold water to stop the cooking and cool. Place it in a bowl and leave aside. Drain and rinse the chickpeas by soaking liquid, chop the tomatoes and Arugula. Join before the chickpeas and tomatoes with barley and Emmer wheat, to last the arugula. Pour 2 laps of evo oil, add salt and mix. Serve cold.

This is another quick recipe, those that don't like me. She was born around the time that my parents didn't want me my current boyfriend, so we were forced to romantic getaways and good vegan, we were inventing new simple salads that require preparation time short enough to be able to bring in our secret trips! This that I share with you is one of those, and that's why "romantic salad"!