Cold Pasta Salad Recipes

Cold pasta salad, mozzarella and cherry

The pasta can also be used to perform certain salads like this in which you can use different types of pasta such as the bows, the fuchili, twist, spiral or other type of pasta you can think of, is very easy to do and cam few ingredients. Salad cold pasta, mozzarella and cherry can be consumed also tepid, in this case the cheese will begin to melt.

Ingredients for the salad cold pasta, mozzarella and cherry:

-400 Grams of pasta chosen.

-Basil leaves.

-200 Grams of cheese per salut.

-200 Grams of mozzarella.

-Salt and pepper.

-400 Grams of cherry tomatoes.

Olive oil-c / n.

Preparing for cold pasta salad, mozzarella and cherry:

-Put in plenty of salted water cook the pasta of choice.

-Strain and season it with olive oil to prevent sticking.

-Cut the mozzarella cheese and diced.

-Wash the cherry tomatoes, dried and cut in half.

-Add all to large bowl, season with salt and pepper oil eliva.

Finally, with the fingers cut in pieces basil small and spread over the Cold Pasta Salad with mozzarella and cherry.