Chickpea Salad Recipe

For these almost insufferable heat days we usually attend half-day as a method of refreshing to salads. The disadvantage of this is many times we fall short in terms of nutrients and therefore I present today a chickpea salad recipe that does not think that.

A pod into the salad, we are doing an incoming a completely unique dish.


Chickpeas: 400 grams
Onion: 1 unit
Tuna: 100 grams
Green Pepper: 1 unit
Tomatoes: 2 units
Hard-boiled eggs: 2 units

We started flowing and refreshing the chickpeas under water.
Chop the peppers, tomatoes and onion finely.

Put the chickpeas in a bowl and then add all the ingredients, leaving the eggs to the end (so no dump).

Finally, we prepare the vinaigrette.

For this need 3 tablespoons deaceitede olive or sunflower oil, 1 tablespoon of vinegar, salt, and black pepper.