Vin Santo Salad

Serves: 4


2 x Belgian endive / chicory
1 large frisée
2 handfuls wild rocket
1 packet of mint, leaves picked
4 clementines
12 slices speck (3-4 slice per person)
1 piece parmesan (250g) to garnish
10 x 15ml spoons olive oil
4 x 15ml spoons vin santo vinegar
Sea salt and freshly ground pepper


Pour all the dressing ingredients into a jam jar. Season and give it a good shake.
Only use the soft leafy tops of the endive as the base can be very bitter. Trim
about an inch off the base of each and finely slice the leaves lengthways. Pull all
the dark green leaves off the frisée and throw them away. Then cut the yellow and
white leaves down to the stem and wash them in ice-cold water along with the
endive and wild rocket. Dry the leaves in a salad spinner and chuck the lot in a
salad bowl. Throw in a handful of fresh mint leaves then toss the salad with the
vin santo vinaigrette. Peel then thinly slice the clementines.
Divide the leaves and the clementine slices between 4 plates, weave in the slices
of speck and use a potato peeler to shave over some Parmesan.